This podcast is my chance to show the world that if its humanly possible then you, me, anybody can do it! Now I’m not deluded and think if you wish it to be true then it does but through the right actions comes results and with repetition comes your goals.
A quick back story to get you up to speed, I was a fairly normal sheep boy always following the “cool” kids and not having a voice (taken by my father apparently but that’s another long story). Any way life was great I spent 6-7 days a week grafting hard and drinking the pubs dry in the evenings LIVING THE DREAM!! What a nob head I was but that life got me here so I wont dwell on it to much, then fast forward until I was 22 and that is when I met my now wife Kate and she was the inspiration I needed to open my eyes and tell the world I’m here.






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