Episode 002 my results for the become a polar explorer challenge

Hey everyone he are my results of me implementing what Jim McNeill told us to do last week to become mini versions of himself and become polar explorers. I learned this week that by being outside in mother nature and being true to myself, that I have become a bit complacent in whats needed to become a polar explorer and in life. so after a night out in the snow under the stars I quickly realised my mistakes and put them right with huge beneficial effects almost straight away. Getting to know ones self out in the elements has not only huges wins but they happen quickly because there are no distractions from phones or negative people, its just you, your thoughts and the task in hand. Giving you plenty of time to reflect on how you’re treating yourself and how you are treating other people, and this is key to become a polar explorer but also as an extra bonus how to win in life.

lets carry this conversation on in the Facebook group to really dig deep with your results, click on the link and ill add you to the group

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